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Nonwoven Textiles, have been one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors of the textiles market. Such Textiles have a broad spectrum of end uses, ranging from medical products to packaging textiles. Oripol's strong and market-oriented R&D team keeps developing useful and unique new products, which keeps Oripol ahead in the industry.

Non Woven for Industrial Sector

  • Packaging: Bags for rice & powder paints, reusable shopping bags, gift bags
  • Furniture & Furnishing: Sofa, cushion and seat cover interlining, mattress interlining & spring cups, & quilt backing.
  • Household products: Dust guard for home appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, storage cases, hanging organizers, wardrobes.
  • Disposable headrest covers and pillow covers for airlines, trains and coaches.

Nonwoven For Medical Sector

Oripol Nano-Secure™ has microbe controlling capability. The main attributes of SMS medical nonwovens are barrier properties, & liquid repellency.

Medical nonwovens offer unique antimicrobial solutions. It gives increased protection for the user and less potential for cross contamination. Surgical wound infections are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in surgical patients. SMS textiles, are now widely used for making medical disposables, worldwide, and have replaced traditional cotton drapes, and wraps, in modern healthcare sector.

Oripol Nano-Secure™ is made by a process of manufacturing SMS fabrics using NANO technology, which exterminate any harmful microbes, coming in touch with the fabric surface, and thus poses bright opportunity for preventing the post-surgical complications, associated with contamination, and infection.

Applications include making of gowns, laboratory coats, protective clothing, disposable masks, caps, scrub suits, overalls, to protect healthcare professionals, & patients from hospital acquired infections.

Hydrophilic Non Woven Sheet For Hygiene

Oripol’s super Soft™ hydrophilic nonwoven sheets, are used for different hygiene applications, such as production of feminine napkins and diapers. Strict in-process control of each lot of the fabric produced assures consistent quality.

AGROW-TEX Non Woven for Farm Sector

The main applications areas of Nonwoven textiles in agriculture include for protecting the plants and crops from extreme weather, and pests. Agrow-Tex nonwoven covers and sheets protect the plants from direct sunlight & harsh temperature extremes, thus enabling quicker harvest with increased yield. Nonwoven Agrow-Tex are permeable to both air and water, UV resistant.

Common uses of Agrow-Tex are for plant & crop protection, weed control, seed blanket, greenhouse shading, plant pots, capillary matting, protection cover from frost and insects. Further they are used for moisture retention, soil erosion control, seed germination, row crop covers.

Nonwovens are used effectively for optimizing the productivity & remarkable reduction of the need for pesticides and manpower. The use of nonwoven crop covers improves crop quality.

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